Mob4Hire – An Overview

Founded in 2007, Mob4Hire is a leader and a pioneer in crowd sourced, mobile application testing and mobile marketing.

Our services are designed to help developers succeed, offering the tools and services that are needed in this often complex marketplace. From attracting new users with our mobile marketing service, to solving functional and usability problems using our proprietary crowd-sourced platform, we are doing our best to make mobile better. Our platform and service has garnered awards from companies such as GSMA Barcelona (Top Innovator), Backbone Magazine (top 20 Web 2.0 firms) and Alberta Ventures (top 25 Innovative companies) and many others.

What do we do?

We Test:

Mob4Hire reduces mobile application testing costs and time to market by connecting developers with eager, lower priced, crowd sourced testers. We not only test for bugs and usability issues, but we can also collect key marketing data from independent testers in a truly mobile localized environment.

We are Crowd Sourced:

Mob4Hire has recruited over 65,000 testers in over 250 countries on hundreds of different networks around the globe and we are growing every day.

We Market:

Our proprietary “Four Funnel” process is designed to measure results at four key points in the app monetization process. We start off by creating, launching and monitoring a mobile advertising campaign. We analyze the results which allow us to make key recommendations in order to increase your success (and the crowd is always behind us).

We are a Platform:

Mob4Hire offers our unique micro-payment crowd-sourced MAAP technology (Mob4Hire as a Platform) to new entries into the crowd-sourced arena. MAAP allows enterprises to create and access a “white labeled version” of a Mob4Hire community for their own use.