Let's get into What is mobile testing and what it's for



Gone are the days when the telephone was a device that stood in the corner and had to ring to get our attention, or the computer was a machine that only a few people used. Now they have become an extension of our being, a window on the world and virtual servants who do whatever they are told.

Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems. There are now millions of apps developed for these operating systems that need to be tested. So let's figure out together what mobile testing is.

These days, mobile solutions have taken over the market. People don't want to turn on their laptops/PCs for everything, they want their portable devices to do everything quickly.

What is mobile testing 1

To successfully test mobile apps, teams should test apps at different screen resolutions, operating system versions, and at different network bandwidths. This will help ensure that the app works flawlessly on different device configurations when it is released publicly.

Mobile app testing is the process by which applications are tested for required quality, functionality, compatibility, usability, performance, and other characteristics.

It includes a wide range of application testing and evaluation methods that cover both standard software testing and testing procedures specific to mobile platforms.

Mobile app testing (As the term suggests) is the process of testing a mobile app (Android or iOS) for functionality and usability before it is released to the market. Mobile app testing helps verify whether an app meets the expected technical, user-friendliness, and business requirements for future customers and regular users.

What is mobile testing 2

At a high level, mobile app testing includes the following:

  • Testing the appearance of the app in different positions on your phone or tablet
  • Compatibility and performance testing of apps using specific settings
  • Application performance testing on different OS versions ( The latest Android OS version currently is Android 13 released on August 15, 2022, Current iOS and iPadOS version is 16.1.1, Current macOS version is 13.0.1 as of early 2023)
  • Testing of the graphical interface of the app (menus, drop-down menus, navigation buttons, etc.) for functionality and consistency
  • Testing app compatibility with sensors such as GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, and others

What is mobile testing 3

All mobile solutions that developers make for customers have to be very well tested before they get into the hands of the end user.