The Mob4Hire Platform (“MAAP”: Mob4Hire as a Platform) allows enterprises to create and access a “white labeled version” of a Mob4Hire community for their own network or app store. With MAAP we can create an environment that will allow connections with testers that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Imagine a virtual sandbox that allows everything from complex functional testing to market research – all readily available for the private use of your community.


Furthermore, our platform can be strengthened with the creation of customized collaborative tools. MAAP allows you to put your own “skin” on Mob4Hire: HTML template web pages with your graphics and branding while PHP code integrates with your existing enterprise database systems and also references the Mob4Hire database functionality which is accessible through web API’s. After your initial setup, on an ongoing basis, MAAP handles all the complexities of community transactions, eCommerce, SMS and application install management, messaging and forum communications, and server up time.