Mob4Hire Application Site: The Mob4Hire application site ( is a full

web application designed to run end to end testing (and other) projects. The web app manages both the lifecycle of testing and provides a full crowd management toolset. The site and the crowd are both proven entities with completed projects for over 75 companies since 2010.


Mob4Hire API Interface: The Mob4Hire API ( is a REST style

interface designed to manage and interact with the mobile applications. It forms the

backend architecture for new mobile services and integrates with the existing Mob4Hire

Application Site. Clients can integrate with the crowd and automate through the API and

display results in their own platform.


Mob4Hire Lab Mobile Application: The Mob4Hire Mobile Application is an Android

application designed to automate recruitment, task (test) execution and real-time

tester availability (

and has been downloaded by over 23,000 Mob4Hire community members. The SMS Lab

is the first task deployed to devices and is currently in production. The User Experience Lab, that

allows for a rapid usability test, is in alpha testing.