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Why Mob4hire for Software Testing?

We have created a community of professional testers and technically savvy end-users that are eager to help developers test web/mobile apps in many real-world scenarios.

Reduce Costs – After all, lower costs equal to greater profits for your business and crowd-sourced testing ensures that you get the best bang for your buck.

Speed Time to Market – Our testing community is available at the click of a button to help you test your software and in some cases can accelerate testing by 80%!

Remove Developer Bias – Developer bias is inevitable in the development community. It is part of the human experience. When you look at the same code day after day, it is hard to see the forest for the trees. We will be able to give the developer a new set of eyes and ears anywhere in the world, on any handset, on any screen, on any network.

Gather Early-Adopter Input – It just makes sense to have technically savvy, early adopter, end-users be the ones to test your application. This is the market segment that gives the early thumbs-up or thumbs-down to most software or apps. Paying them to test ensures that the job gets done and the feedback is real, timely and cost-effective.

Real-World Location Based Service Testing- We all know that LBS applications require true mobility and need to be tested thoroughly. Mob4hire has real people with real handsets that are available for hire – whether you need someone walking around the block in Germany or you want to conduct market research in South America – Mob4Hire has a solution for you.

Software Needs Both Functional and Usability Testing It’s very difficult and expensive to buy handsets and subscriptions or find users that are in-market. Due to time pressures, developers can release software without any user feedback or handset/screen testing at all! It’s no wonder that 50% of mobile apps crash and less than 5% are still in use 3 months after downloading. Mob4Hire puts developers and a global community of tech-savvy testers together in a bidding marketplace for software testing, product feedback and market research projects.

In Order to Make Great Software, Users must be Included in the Development Process:

1 In the planning cycle to understand and prioritize user needs, behavior and localization issues.
2 In the alpha cycle to get product feedback before you port software to the web or apps.
3 In the beta cycle to get functional testing in real-world situations before the software is released to the public.
4 After release to understand how to get into and stay in the “Top 10 lists” of Mobile App Stores.

Mob4Hire provides REAL mobility testing; a unique opportunity for developers to engage with real users with real opinions using real handsets live on networks in-market.

Quality Control

Mob4hire has several layers of quality built into its platform:

1) No work – No pay. The foundation of crowd-sourcing is that members of the crowd do not get rewarded (paid) if they do not do the work.
2) Rankings. All testers get ranked on a five star system after each completed project. This ensures that the crowd is continuously monitoring itself. Poor rankings eliminate any weaker testers.